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Rise of the guardians by Elishaaucht

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December 12, 2012
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One can never tell when and why fears would come crawling back up the surface and hunt for their hunger to be fed. However, this fear was in fear himself…
Out of the blue, the scene within the pine tree forest shows the rage of the 6 foot Easter Bunny flinging and tossing his boomerangs towards his only target the weak Nightmare King, Pitch Black.

"What were you doing at the Warren?!" asked Bunny furiously.

"I wasn't doing anything… I swear" Pitch replied as he struggled to stand back up, yet Bunny gave no mercy and continued countering Pitch till he is bruised violently.

From another distance, Jack Frost the guardian of Fun was nevertheless enjoying himself with the snowy atmosphere, creating blizzards and beautiful flakes. Jack laughed all the way until he heard two familiar voices from a long distant.
Jack flew over where his ears led him and there he arrived to where Bunny was beating Pitch like hell.

"Bunny!" Jack shouted.

Yet Bunny gave no attention to his friend and kept attacking Pitch who was nearly on both of his knees.
Jack watched Pitch bruised by Bunny's boomerangs with his blue eyes in deep sorrow since Pitch didn't even fight back. Grasping onto his wooden staff, Jack couldn't bear to watch any longer.

"Bunny no! Stop that!" Jack raced towards Pitch.

"Jack?" Bunny startled as Jack emerged in front of him.

Jack took a few steps back in defending Pitch, while the Boogeyman was almost motionless as his body leaned against the cold snowy ground.

"Jack what're you doing mate?" Bunny went puzzled.

"I'm not going to let you hurt him" Jack spoke as he armed his staff forward.

"What? Jack, stop fooling around and move aside"

"No!" Jack snapped.

"Really Jack, I said move aside" Bunny would take a few steps forward but then Jack had to shoot a frosty blast towards one of Bunny's boomerangs.

"Jack!!" Bunny startled.

"Back off, Bunny!" Jack snarled.

"Jack what're you-?"

"I said back off!" Jack would point his staff towards Bunny along with his stern face drop. Yet Bunny was kept puzzled at the moment.

"Why am I the one who has to back off?! Have you even bothered to ask me what happened?" Bunny replied angrily.

Before Jack could say a word, Pitch spoke faintly.

"I was wandering around to find my way out from my underground hideout and happen to appear at your Warren instead…" Pitch would tilt his body as he continued to explain "I swear… I swear I wasn't doing anything before nor after you caught me, honest I had nothing on mind but to free myself" Pitch grunted in pain as he held himself.

Jack looked back at Pitch, feeling miserable deep inside. Not knowing whether to believe Pitch's explanation or not but still Jack refuses to step away from Pitch.

"Honest? Since when did you learn to speak honesty? Who said you could ever come out to the surface?! And why should I believe your bloody words?!" Bunny went furious.

"But I-"

"ENOUGH!" cried Jack as he stamped his staff against the ice pool forcing it to crack where Bunny was standing.

Everything went silent, even the winds paused. Thus Bunny wouldn't dare to move a muscle for Jack just cracked his spot. He looked over to Jack and would ask why, but Jack spoke first.

"Bunny you never listened to anything people have to say, all that matters to you is you and you and you. For once Bunny, have a heart on someone, have a heart on Pitch" said Jack sadly.

"Have a heart?! On Pitch?! Since when did this pile of crap needs a heart?" Bunny snapped.


"Do you realize who he is?! Have you forgotten what he used to do towards us? Towards you? Have you Jack Frost?!"

"No…" Jack looked back at Pitch disappointedly "I'd never forget it…"

Pitch looked up at Jack with seemingly regretful eyes and Jack would stare back to how innocent they were. Both were speechless yet Jack couldn't take his eyes off Pitch's. For a moment he felt like it was a baby's stare. They were so sad, Jack could cry to them. He knew by that stare Pitch was sorry for what he did and wants nothing but to be forgiven.

"But after I learnt why and who he was before, he is no different than me" Jack proceeded "We both had our love ones before; we both nurture and protect the people we love but… our fate was different and it wasn't fair for Pitch"

"Jack…" Pitch whispered beneath his faint breath.

"He's not evil, Bunny… he's just lonely… he needs someone" Jack turned to Pitch again "He needs me…"

Pitch stared back into Jack's blue eyes as his own started to water. Pitch's face drop was something real, something that could make anyone's tears leak when seen; the feeling of having someone to love which is what he always wanted more than to be believed in.

"Touching to hear mate, but a man like him doesn't need anyone, Jack. He's better off sent back to where he came from and so should we" Bunny would approach Pitch to grab hold of him and drag the Boogeyman back into his underground hideout but before he could, Jack stopped him.

"I'm not leaving and don't you dare touch him!"

"Jack Frost, what has gotten into you?! Why are you doing all this and why for his sake?"

"Because I love him!" Jack cried

Once more it went silent and both Bunny and Pitch were extremely shocked. Pitch looked up at Jack with his widen yellow eyes; he never expected Jack could have feelings for him and whatnot this deep. Pitch's lips motioned in calling Jack's name yet his voice were hidden by his heavy breath.

"I love him…" Jack lightly blushed as he looked back at Pitch.

Pitch remained speechless while Jack slowly squats before him and gently carves a soft smile. He then wrapped his arms around Pitch, holding him in a firm embrace.

"I love you… I love you Pitch" Jack whispers softly as he held Pitch.

It was still silence for Pitch, panting softly while he was held by Jack. His eyes then leaked tears as he slowly wrapped his own arms around Jack and buried his face against Jack's neck; sobbing faintly.
Jack tightened his arms around Pitch, not even thinking of letting go while Bunny watched from distant.

"I see how it is mate… well I'll leave you'll be" Bunny shrugged as he hopped away, knowing he could never argue with Jack when he's in love.

Jack and Pitch were still holding each other but then Pitch started.

"Did you really mean what you said?" Pitch asked

Jack pulled back slightly enough for him to look at Pitch.

"Of course I did, every word, they're all true" he gently placed his palm onto Pitch's left cheek.

Pitch then placed his hand on top of Jack's and nuzzled against it slightly. A single tear drip as he blinked with his eyes narrowed downwards. Jack immediately caught Pitch's tear and froze it and hand it back to Pitch with a sincere smile.

"Your tears are crystal clear, Pitch. Which means the inner you is the same… the true you" Jack held Pitch's hand with his and placed the frozen tear drop on to Pitch's palm.

Pitch blinked down at the frozen tear before he looked back at Jack who was still smiling.

"Don't leave me…" Pitch shook his head as he lifted his trembled hand.

Jack immediately took Pitch's hand into his and held them close to his cheek; nuzzling them lovingly.

"I won't… from now on I'll always be here" Jack smiled as he placed his palm onto Pitch's chest.

Pitch would smile if he could; never had he had such feeling of the need to be close to Jack and whatnot to always be with him. Deep inside Pitch knows how much Jack means to him yet words seem to never come out.
Pitch narrowed his eyes down towards Jack's hand then back up and continued to stare at each other. The Boogeyman motioned his lips to speak yet words didn't seem to come out.

"Hey what's wrong, Pitch?" Jack leaned closer.

However, Pitch didn't spoke as if his lips were chained. Jack blinked in confusion as he scratched his head. All of a sudden Pitch scratched his own head as well.

"Huh?" Jack lowered his hand then Pitch would do the same. He then waved his hand in front of Pitch's face and Pitch did the same in front of Jack's face. He realized that Pitch was copying him or perhaps mirroring his actions.

"Ha ha, hey" Jack chuckled to Pitch copying his motions.

Jack snapped his fingers, Pitch snapped his fingers.
Jack poked his nose, Pitch poked his own nose.
Jack tapped Pitch's lips, Pitch tapped Jack's lips.
They both paused for a moment and Jack finally understood what Pitch was going to tell him. Jack began to laugh with glee thus made Pitch smile.
Jack spotted Pitch's smile and smiled back still releasing several chuckles. He felt Pitch's hand stroked against his cold cheeks and held them close to his lips for him to kiss.

"I love you too…" Jack whispered.

You see folks, love can be expressed by many ways; words, action and stare.
Pitch and Jack made it, have you?
I'm not good with writin stories but *burps* this is easier than havin to draw 48 panels

screw my grammar

tell me if yuh want one scene to be drawn

story © :iconsirconcon:
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KisameFanFromHell Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
This is kinda cute but personally it seems a little short.
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indeed, I dun do long stuff
thealmightyE Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012
I love how Bunny's all 'Welp, I can see where this is goin'. Better scram before the fangirls get here.'

This is so cute. >w<
I love it~
SirConcon Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
aww glad yuh do and thank yuh :iconmegustaplz:
thealmightyE Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
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This is the most adorable story I have read
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No problem,So do you have an fanfics that you would say that i can read to keep me busy cause well i finished one story sadly and i want something that will keep me busy
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aye I'll write somethin eventually
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